• CarChat24

    great episode with great meat and potatoes for dealers and sales staff 🙂

  • Tim Byrd

    Dealer Tracy Myers has a book called “You are the Brand Stupid” it is awesome.!!

  • Paula Barker

    Go Stacey Ellison!

  • Amy Bannor

    My job is made easier by my BDC rep Chantelle! She understands communicating with customers as well as I do.

  • Amy Bannor

    @Jennifer Briggs! They ARE people! 🙂 perfect

  • Amy Bannor


  • Jared McReavy

    AWESOME Show!! Can’t wait to become a rockstar like the people on the panel today.

  • Thank you ladies and gentleman for a great insight to the Branding World, I am grateful for all the great ideas and discussion.