• Marv Eleazer

    On the subject of the panel discussion yesterday about the future of F&I offices, I offer this-

    Since there are no known publicly available studies citing verifiable financial data as to the success of closing the F&I door, every article, discussion, debate and opinion remains anecdotal.

    There are those that cite increased customer satisfaction and improved CSI.

    There are those that claim this speeds up the sales and delivery process.

    There are those that claim their F&I income didn’t drop significantly after the change.

    Many organizations have tried this with results that were predicted by critics yet they continue. It’s as if they must be proven right after making the commitment due to some conflagration of ego.

    You gotta tip the brim of your hat to dealers willing to open up their check books to prove a point. At the very least, this is a learning curve about discovering exactly why things work the way they do in a car dealership.