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Misconceptions of Working Remotely

Misconceptions of Working Remotely

Brian West

When you hear the term “work from home,” what comes to mind? Do you conjure images of a scammy multilevel marketing ploy? A person lying in bed watching Netflix and checking their phone occasionally? Or do you picture an intelligent, well-trained professional sitting at a desk in their home office? If you chose option number 3, you’re thinking like we do here at Dealer Authority.

Because we are a remote company, we have the ability to hire the best talent, regardless of location. Our team is spread out across the entire country and we are all dedicated professionals working 9 to 5 just like we would be if we were in an office. So why do people still believe that working remotely is somehow easier or takes less dedication? Let’s dive in to some of the most common misconceptions about working from home!

“So, you work from home, that means you can just come and go any time you want to, right?”

Wrong! We are all adhering to a schedule just like you are. It’s far from easy and takes extreme dedication to both the company you’re working for and the clients you’re working with. Trust me, the temptation to sit and watch Netflix all day, lay in bed, or go to the beach is there constantly; but so is the reminder that I could be working in an office again with a dress code, a daily commute, and micro-management. As a company, we are all extremely grateful to be able to use our skills and automotive backgrounds while still being able to work from a place that we find comfortable.

“You work from home? It must be a scam.”

This is one of the most common issues we face as a company. The belief that every remote company is somehow a scam has harmed the growth of remote companies for years, but fortunately the remote work environment has become more widely accepted. In fact, many large companies and car dealerships are seeing the benefits of having remote workers. Full-time remote workers do not take up office space, do not require office supplies, and overall cost the company less money to hire, manage, and maintain. A recent study showed that 43% of Americans worked remotely at some point last year, and that number is still steadily rising.

“Why are you tired? You didn’t go anywhere all day!”

My team here at Dealer Authority is one of the hardest working groups of people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Though we are all spread out across the nation, I feel more connected to my current co-workers than I did working at any dealership in the past. We strive to always provide our clients with the highest quality customer service possible. You’re working late for a big sale? So are we. My team and I have had several strategy sessions for our clients late at night to drive some last-minute traffic and help dealerships reach their numbers. Keep in mind that sitting at home in an office alone is both mentally and physically stressful – yes, we’re tired; yes, we worked hard today; and yes, we want to take a nap.

“That’s not a real job – there’s no way you’re getting the same results an office would”

This one always stumps us. Collectively, the average employee here at Dealer Authority has an average of 11 years of experience in the automotive industry. We are all hand selected based on our talents and the fact that we can handle working from home without needing to be monitored. It most certainly is a real job, we most certainly are professionals, and we definitely exceed our client’s exceptions month in and month out.

We all know the quote “Work smarter, not harder,” but when you’re working from home full-time, you definitely need to do both. In reality, working remotely takes more dedication, more focus, and more attention to detail because of the fact that no one is there to make sure you’re staying on task during your scheduled work day.

While misconceptions about working remotely will still exist, we hope that this article clears up some of the questions you may have had. Share this with anyone that ever doubts the drive, dedication, and focus that it takes to work from home (that covers part-time workers, too). In summation, we are not a scam, we are not doing laundry, we are not laying on the beach, and we are definitely not lazy.

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time” – Arnold H. Glasow

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