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The Proper Way To Set Up A Turn For A Sales Manager

The Proper Way To Set Up A Turn For A Sales Manager

Charles Cannon

If you have sold cars for any amount of time, you know that there are times when you need a manager to help you close a deal. Even if you have done all the proper steps in the deal (i.e. needs assessment, proper demo, etc.) sometimes a different voice needs to come in to help the client rationalize the decision to purchase the vehicle. I humbly consider myself a seasoned pro and even I need help occasionally to make sure that the deal gets done. When I was a green pea in this business, I was never taught the “proper way” to set up a turn; I had to learn through trial and error.

The wrong way to set up a turn is saying to the client, “Let me go get my manager.”  For a majority of the customers, this immediately brings tension and they figure they are in for a “fight.”  When the manager does introduce themselves, the customer will put up their defenses and it becomes harder for even the most experienced manager to close the deal.  Even when/if the deal is completed, there can be animosity with the client. There is a BETTER way to set up a proper turn (T.O.) so that there is less resistance from the client AND your manager has a better chance at closing the deal!

  1. Introduce a manager to the client early in the process. You can do this as you are first greeting the client or even when you are going to have them follow you on the lot to show them the perfect car. This is a vital step because if a turn is needed, then the client already “knows” who they are going to be speaking to. This can help the manager close the deal easier and at higher gross!
  2. NEVER tell the client that you are going to get your “manager.” A better alternative is to say “You know, I JUST thought of something!” and you quickly get up and walk away. By you doing this, you are building curiosity in their mind and they will want to know what you are doing to save the car deal.
  3. You then go tell your manager where you are in the deal. When your manager comes in to talk to the customer, the most important step comes up next:
  4. SHUT UP! I personally can’t tell you how many times I have heard a manager take a turn for a client and the salesperson does all the speaking! This is very frustrating from the manager’s point of view because they already know what you said; they want to hear it from the client themselves. Also, there are times when I have said EXACTLY the same thing as my manager and the customer decides to do the deal.  Finally, the manager may be saying certain things to set up where they ultimately want the car deal to go.
  5. Stand/Sit on the same side as your client.  This helps because you are subconsciously telling the client, “I am on your side.”

I can personally attest to the fact that these steps work. It has helped me immensely. In fact, I have had clients tell me, “I appreciated the fact that the manager greeted me when I first arrived vs. at the end of the deal.” Follow these steps and I KNOW that you will hear the same thing, plus it will also lead to higher grosses!

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  • Charles you are 100% spot on! We track the manager intro in our tech (Nextup). When a manager gets involved early and often the closing ratio skyrockets as much or more as 20%. Here’s how we do it: We know when a salesperson greets a customer, to ensure the managers do the early intro we send out an alert to all available managers that the salesperson is now with a guest. This makes for a more efficient/effective way to work the process. Not to mention a better customer experience.

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