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You Are Selling Yourself

You Are Selling Yourself

Ron Garverick

The day you were born, you started selling yourself to the world.


What do I mean by that?


Well, as a young child you were developing your personality and your attitude for someone to buy into what you are trying to sell them. As a child you work on your parents to get something that you want and you keep hearing the word “no’ a lot right? But you are determined to get the comic book or piece of candy so you sell yourself as to why you want or need that certain item.


I remember when I was nine or ten years old, a few of my friends in the neighborhood were going to the town swimming pool and they asked me if I wanted to go. I said, “Sure I will go and ask my parents” the first person I went to ask was my father. I asked him “Hey dad, can I go with the guys to the swimming pool for a couple of hours and be back by 5 o’clock?” He said, “No you have things to do today and I need help also.”


I didn’t like the answer I got.


So, I went and found my mother and asked her the same question.


“Mom can I go to the swimming pool with guys and be back by 5?”


She said, “Yes but don’t be late. What did your father say?”


I replied, “he said ask you” which was a lie.


You see I did what I had to do to get what I want, dad said no and that was not acceptable in my world so I asked mom. Bad idea! But you get the point. I always knew how to play my parents against each other or against my grandmother. I always work on my personality to get what I wanted. I was the favorite amongst the other grandchildren because I knew how to win the hearts of the people I wanted something from. Some say its politics, others say its knowing what you want and what you will do to get it.


See in the car business it’s the same thing. When you do the meet and great with the customer you have fifteen seconds for them to like you or you’re in trouble. You have to be dressed nice, no baggy clothes or untucked shirt, holy or stained pants, perfect hygiene (don’t smell like cigarette smoke) have deodorant on, hair combed, and last but not least teeth brushed, nothing worse than talking to someone and their breath smells like a*$.


Act like you are here to earn someone’s business. If you have all that squared away, then work on your body language and tone, always smile, look the customer in the eyes and say, “ Hello my name is Josh are you for parts or service?” They will tell you one way or the other what they are here for.


Being respectful and polite to a customer means the world to them. We know they are here to buy a car and if they looked online and seen the car they want, they know everything about it almost more than you do. They are sold on the vehicle (the product) and now you have to put your selling shoes on and sell yourself. The customer can buy from anyone, what makes you so different that they need to buy from you?


Ask yourself, “Why would someone buy from me?”


Trust me, looks won’t be one of them. I have seen plenty of ugly people in this business that makes a $100k a year and they are uglier than my Aunt Edna in her Senior Prom picture.


Personality, attitude and humor are key factors when it comes to selling yourself.


If you are having a bad day and you think the world is against you, as soon as you get in front of a customer your attitude should be upbeat. Give that sincere personality and have some humor in your sales process (don’t overdo it) but break the ice, it helps with the wall coming down. You see, the car sells itself.


The question is do they want to buy it from you?


Of course they do because you are a BEAST and you have been trained by the best to switch from the person having a bad day to a person ready to sell a car and earn someone’s business and see them walk out the door happy that they got to meet you.


No matter what, you can be the best car salesman in the world sell 20 plus cars a month and have a bad attitude, smell like an ashtray, with your shirt untucked and shoes untied but you will not see them again to buy another car, and definitely they won’t recommend anyone to you.


So “DRESS for SUCCESS” Have a great attitude coming in and leave the drama out the front door, come to work determined to sell a car today (make GROSS, because it’s not a dirty word) and believe you were born to sell and you will do great every time.


In 2020 be part of the $100K club.

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