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SalesPros GET PAID! Amateurs DON’T!

SalesPros GET PAID! Amateurs DON’T!

David Villa

 It’s been just over two decades now since dropping out of community college my first year in. I was a young 19 year old new to responsibility and id dint know what in the world I would do in life. After stumbling in and out meaningless jobs I met the girl of my dreams and we quickly married and immediately started a family. Sounds like wisdom right? It was at this point a 21 year old new husband and dad that I realized I needed to find out what it was that I was good at…and I needed to do it quick. It was at this point that I realized what it was I was born to do…I was born to sell! I was good at it and I loved it, and early on I realized that I’ve been selling all of my life…just not professionally. I was an amateur, that’s right…I was nothing but a talented, spunky, wet behind the ear rookie!I followed in my father’s footsteps and entered the automotive ad business and began calling on local car dealers and meeting with GM’s that were more than twice my age. As an amateur “I got my lunch ate”! I would come home “tired…and frustrated”…and there were many days that I didn’t want to get up and certainly didn’t want to go on sales calls. Does this story sound familiar? I was an amateur….I was engaged in a pursuit, but on an unpaid basis.Statistics show us that 80% of the people in sales are amateurs. They may make a little cash once in a while or close a deal here or there, but they are far from getting PAID! If they work in sales and aren’t making money…what are they doing?The answer to that question lies in what amateurs don’t do. Amateurs don’t: Ask for the sale – (80% never ask for the business)… Amateurs don’t: Educate themselves – (90% have NEVER read a sales book). An amateur in the profession of sales will lose and most certainly won’t get paid.The good news is you can become a PRO and get paid! Making the transition from amateur to PRO means that you go from struggling to striving…a Pro is someone who does what they do for gain, or in other words they are getting paid! A Sales Pro doesn’t look for excuses as to why they can’t or aren’t getting it done; rather they find a way to get it done.

Sales Pros share certain attributes with others in their elite group such as:

  1. Attitude – Sales Pro’s have acquired the attitude that requires and generates success
  2. Motivation – Call it hustle, but sales Pro’s have the energy to make the calls, do the research, and improve or progress each day.
  3. They Get It – There is a method to selling. Sales Pro’s are developed just like any other professional. Process…Process…Process!
  4. Interest – Sales Pro’s want a career in selling! If you use a sales job to tide you over until a “real job” comes along…you’re a amateur
  5. Success – Pro’s do whatever is necessary to survive and thrive. They define what success looks like, and the foster what is necessary to get it done.
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