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One Thing You Can Do Right Now To Increase Employee Engagement…And It Won’t Cost You A Dime!

One Thing You Can Do Right Now To Increase Employee Engagement…And It Won’t Cost You A Dime!

Andy Buck

Celebrate, Celebrate! Dance to the Music!

Do you remember back when the car business was fun?

Guess what. Nothing has changed! It still is fun!

Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten how to have fun while on the job. Amidst the myriad of things to manage such as CRM follow up, client logging, equity lead follow up, vehicle reconditioning, and don’t get me started on VAuto stats, many of us have forgotten why we got into this business.

My reason was because it was fun! I loved cars, and I could make good money!

Your new recruits are looking for exactly the same thing when they come aboard your sales team. So the question becomes, how do we infuse fun back into our dealerships?

First, celebrate the small wins.

Have you ever been around a baby? When little Johnny is born, he dirties a lot of diapers. At some point we notice Johnny doing the pee pee dance and we run him to the bathroom and try to get him to hit a Cheerio. Johnny begins to understand that when he feels the urge, he should go to the bathroom. Finally, he runs in by himself and hits the Cheerio!

Great job Johnny!

We celebrate with Johnny, don’t we? He still has accidents, but we celebrate his small win. Why don’t we do that with adults? When was the last time you lavished praise and congratulations on a co-worker that achieved a seemingly small goal?

Think about it.

Do we always give our people a pat on the back? I learned a long time ago that it takes three instances of affirmation to overcome one negative word to a co-worker.
Wouldn’t you agree that if we began celebrating the small accomplishments in our lives, that it might bring about more smiles?

Try making a point to praise the people you work with and celebrate the small victories.

You will see that the fun that you are looking for is right under your nose with just a few kind words and an occasional Ric Flair…WHOOO!!

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