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Building Your Leadership Team: 3 Power People You Can’t Do Without

Building Your Leadership Team: 3 Power People You Can’t Do Without

David Villa

Starting today, you can increase the effectiveness of your sales team. If you are leading a sales team of more than a few people, I have uncovered the crucial, immediately effective recipe that can make the difference between a team that fails and a team that succeeds in spades. Here’s the good news — chances are, you probably already have the ingredients for an amazing sales team within your reach.

As a good leader, you already know that each and every member of your sales team is individually important, and you have probably chosen those people with great care and consideration for the future of your company.  But if you haven’t already considered it, now is the time to look even more closely at the team you’ve built up so far. A leader can’t go it alone. If you’ve been trying to fulfill that role on your own, you’ve probably begun to see how difficult that will become.

You need 3 Power People on Your Team:

1.    The Visionary
2.    The Tender-Hearted
3.    The Doer

Let’s look a little closer at each of these titles and what the person actually does.

The Visionary 

As leader of your team, you probably fill this role, although that doesn’t have to be the case; you could fill either of the other two powerful roles. But if you can recognize that you are not the visionary of this team, it is up to you to find the person who is or who can be. Visionaries are never satisfied with “now,” which absolutely doesn’t mean that visionaries are not grateful or happy. Instead, “never satisfied” isn’t and really shouldn’t be negative. Rather, a visionary does not stop. This person is the driving force for the future of the team.

The Tender-Hearted

This key player on your leadership team nurtures everyone around. He or she is the one who is lifting up and helping the team make it. When the visionary comes across a little too hot, your tender-hearted team member is the one who cools the information down and conveys the heart within it to the rest of the team, pulling everyone together. It’s easy to see why someone who can naturally fill this quietly powerful position is crucial to team success.

The Doer

This is your team member who is fanatical about executing the ideas of the visionary. The team visionary talks and pushes forward big ideas; the tender-hearted nurturer helps everyone live and deal with those ideas; and your doer is the one who picks up the ball and runs with it. He or she understands and executes those big ideas so they become actions, and without the doer, things just never seem to get done as well or as quickly. The doer on your team is key to ensuring that the big ideas are never in doubt.

With these three important roles covered, you will immediately start to see positive results in your sales team. And always remember that team leaders should never dictate to the team; instead, they foster an environment that supports collaboration and discussion between everyone on the team. If you want to be a successful leader of change, you must cast your vision for your sales team and then ensure that the vision and goals are clear by answering any questions that your team has for you. You cannot succeed by sending your team through an issue. You have to guide them, and that can only be achieved through very clear and open communication with your team.

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