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Close Strong!

Close Strong!

David Villa

“If you don’t push, you won’t close.”

There is nothing like the feeling you get at the end of a game…the fourth quarter…2 minutes left on the clock…down by 6 and in need of a touchdown! A field goal won’t do…you need to get the ball in the end zone! It is at this time that the guys move into their 2 MINUTE DRILL: A sequence of plays designed to move the ball into scoring position, within the last two minutes of play in the second and fourth quarters.

This may seem more advanced than football basics, but when you watch a game, you hear a lot about the “2 Minute Drill” in the last few minutes of the second and fourth quarters. Understanding football means understanding why teams plan certain plays. The 2 Minute Drill is designed to go into the locker room (at half-time) with the momentum of just having scored, or to win the game (in the fourth quarter). If the 2 Minute Drill is unsuccessful, the momentum will swing to the other team.

It is commonly said by arm chair quarterbacks everywhere “why didn’t they play that way the entire game”?…not understanding that you cannot create that natural urgency that automatically is there when time is almost up and you haven’t hit your goal!

All over dealers and vendors alike are closing out there month and spiffs are flying, and deals are being made as “anything necessary” goes in order to hit our objective! There is something that happens when we are faced with those odds…true closers rise to the occasion and take charge of the team…”alright guys let’s get into our 2 minute drill”…or in baseball [It is the bottom of the ninth…bases are loaded…2 outs…BUT have no fear your best slugger is up to bat.] You know the feeling when he hits a walk off grand slam!!

It is not the time to get discouraged and tell yourself that there is no way to hit your goal or I’ll try again next month…it’s time to get into the “the Two-Minute Drill” assume the role of quarterback, define winning, create a sense of urgency, rally the troops, grab them by the facemask, and convince them that we are going to drive this ball down the field, execute our plays, and SCORE the winning touchdown!!

It starts with “ONE” person who is willing to look the odds in the eye and square off with them and rise to the occasion…inspire…lead…it is contagious. It is impossible to restrain and if unleashed it will spread like “wild fire”! What am I talking about…? [Passion] or should I say Pass-it-on? It is contagious…it breeds the must have ingredient in success and that is MOMENTUM!

So…what am I saying? We can turn the tide and gather MOMENTUM right NOW!! Find something or someone who’s passionate and let it rub off and spark the beginning ripple that will eventually if fed become the “Big Mo”! So let’s capture our thoughts and RIDE THE WAVE of momentum and FINISH STRONG!!!


It doesn’t get any more exciting.

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