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Uncovering Opportunity Makes an Elite Sales Force

Uncovering Opportunity Makes an Elite Sales Force

David Villa

To uncover is to discover or reveal what has been hidden to your eyes–so, to uncover opportunity is to reveal “an amount of time or situation in which something can be done”. Why, then, is uncovering opportunity such an important term in sales? It is an absolutely crucial idea in sales, because, 1) The clock is always ticking, and is the salesperson’s biggest nemesis, and 2) opportunity can be uncovered in almost any sales situation. The best salespeople rise to the occasion to uncover opportunity wherever it lies–and it lies almost everywhere. The best salespeople are only as good as their last sale, so a leader in sales will constantly be looking for opportunities to uncover, every moment that they wear the sales badge. They will even be looking for it outside of the workplace, and always be eyeing where opportunities to make later sales are hiding, just waiting to be uncovered by the “early bird” looking for the worm.

Elite Salespeople Uncover Opportunity Constantly

What does it mean to be part of an elite team, group, or organization?  The number one definition of “elite” is “the most successful or powerful group”. But this doesn’t give us the full picture, in that it doesn’t tell us how they got to be the most successful. What made these ones the “most successful,” then (and I mean in the sales world, not the world per se)? The second definition is “the group exercising the major share of authority or influence within a larger group”. Think of all those you would name an authority, or having supreme influence in a situation or as part of an organization where they had to be persuasive, and I will show you a person who became an authority by recognizing and uncovering all the opportunities along their pathway to becoming that individual who wields a great amount of “elite” authority. How does this apply in the world of car sales? It applies hugely because you must always be in your authority, embracing opportunity, and in turn sharing that opportunity and authority with your customers and co-workers alike.

How Uncovering Opportunity Makes an Elite Sales Force

As salespeople, you have opportunity flying at you every minute of every day. Even if you are not “closing the deal,” there are all those moments surrounding the closing of a deal that feed into that closed deal. What am I referring to? All the many moments of hidden, yet-to-be-uncovered opportunities to discover all manner of things about your own authority as a salesperson and member of an elite team. “I am a member of an elite team of salespeople who uncover and make the most of every opportunity” is a good mantra, and its empowerment of yourself and your co-workers will be infectious. You are not only embracing sales opportunities, then–you are, every moment, embracing yourself as an elite authority who is always ready, motivated, and engaging the buying public head-on.

David Villa is CEO of iPD Agency.

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