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Customers Sold Separately

Customers Sold Separately

David Cribbs

So, what is the one thing that I could possibly impart to salespeople that would prove to be a game changer? The good news is that I have the answer. And just imagine, you happen to be reading the very article that changes everything. You may want to take a moment just to revel in that fact. Or maybe, you should start thinking about where you will frame and hang this masterpiece. I certainly anticipate a flood of social media sharing that will rival the viral.

But along with the revelation comes the confession. You see, for years I have been cheating. I have been stacking the deck even prior to the customer arriving at the store. It started years ago when one of the greatest sales trainers in the business said to me “son, you’re selling to a passing parade.” In other words, you are selling one customer at a time and the next one hasn’t seen your show.

Needless to say, it did not take long for my dark side to take over. Once I internalized this fact I began to stack the deck in my favor. I began doing things like investing in training seminars, reading sales books, and even role playing. My show was improving. Soon, my sales process became second nature. Although never perfected, it just got better and better. The odds were shifting in my direction.

Imagine walking into the casino knowing the odds are in your favor. Once I gained this unfair advantage I could not give it up. I was so committed to this ace in the hole that no matter what a customer said I stuck to my proven process and led them fluidly to the next step. The better that I executed unencumbered by the facts, the more success I experienced. The best part was that my customers were simultaneously reaping the rewards. As it turned out adhering to the process without exception proved to benefit the customer even more than me.

So, why the confession in this victimless crime? Because, ultimately there was and continues to be collateral damage. Without this unfair advantage salespeople either fail or just survive while way too often turning buyers into shoppers and tainting their experience.  Finally, I can walk away with a clear conscience having exposed my devious activities publicly. My name is Dave and I’m a closer!

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