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Make the investment — the ROI is worth it.

Make the investment — the ROI is worth it.

David Villa

Have you ever used the words “I’m Spent” at the end of a long hard day?  Have you come to the end of a task, or maybe finished a particular month and plopped in a chair or let out a sigh saying “man I’m glad that is over”? We all have, but what’s really being communicated is that we have nothing left to give, we are done, exhausted, and in reality we have an empty tank.

Don’t bankrupt yourself

When we “spend” we have nothing left to give. It’s defined as “paying out” and doesn’t  address what we do when we’ve given away all we have and have nothing left to {pay out}…”we are spent”. Spending yourself and “Paying out” will eventually leave you “Running out” emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, and relationally…. BROKE! When you spend without depositing anything back you become frustrated due to lack and eventually will bankrupt yourself.

Invest, don’t spend.

When you spend, it’s gone. But investments? They typically grow over time. Investing in people and their needs can literally change the present and the future. When you invest you receive an ROI (Return on Investment). The key word is “return”. You’re helping, assisting, training, GIVING, however you are not left empty and therefore have the ability to grow stronger yourself. This allows you multiply resources so you can teach others how to do the same and they can give generously to others.

Think long-term not short-term

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Often those of us in a position of leadership with the heart to pour into the lives of those around us can think on a short-term basis if not careful. We need to think long-term operating from investment rather than spending. Everything here on earth will break down, get used up, or wear out, but if we invest ourselves into our spouses, our children, those we lead, our vision, job, and others we impact daily then the ROI we receive will be lasting and impactful for generations to come. I’m talking about stopping the spending and starting the investing and watch your legacy birthed.

When you spend yourself on a daily basis getting nothing in return constantly pouring out you’re giving out of a deficit. When you invest yourself into what you do and into others with a healthy ROI you see fruit and fulfillment in your giving and you are giving from a surplus.

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