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The Art of Engaging Online Sales

The Art of Engaging Online Sales

Ann-Marie Mulcahy

Narrow down your target audience

For your marketing effort to have great impact, you should clearly define your target market. The first step is to profile your buyer persona. Once you have identified your prospects, tailor your current marketing campaigns to better address the needs of such prospects. Contrary to what others believe, targeting a smaller but specific audience can yield more beneficial results for your company.

Provide valuable content to your predefined audience

It is only through valuable content that you can stand out from the Internet’s clutter. Don’t be another blogger, podcaster or marketer who bombards the Internet with vague, unemotional content. Your audience wants material that they can relate with. The best way to determine what your audience yearns for is to look at the questions they’re asking. You can visit other blogs and check the comments section to find out your readers’ struggles. Websites like Quora, Yahoo! Answers, and Facebook Questions can be used for this purpose.

Promote content using different channels

You may use other parallel channels to market your content. YouTube can be tapped to narrate stories relevant to your content. Instagram is another creative way to distribute your content. You can also consider publishing in various web communities to gain more exposure for your content. LinkedIn Today, for example, gives influencers a chance to post helpful content. You can similarly delve into offline channels specifically print publications because not everyone can immediately access online-based content. For publications to accept your proposals, it’s important to make your pitch sound captivating yet credible.

Build an E-mail List

One asset your business can have is an extensive e-mail list. However, despite having this list, you still have to practice the utmost responsibility in sending e-mails because consumers these days have grown more cautious towards unwanted communication. Your e-mail can be easily junked if it appears suspicious.
You can employ various ways when building an e-mail list. Your website should have e-mail sign up boxes that are visible. These sign-up boxes must give a succinct description of what consumers can get if they sign up. Another easy way of acquiring contacts is to give incentives such as discount coupons and promo codes when people register to your e-commerce site.

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Bonus: Engage your subscribers!

Write e-mails like you are talking with your peers. Offering deals, coupons, and other fun stuff works like a charm too. People do not like to spend much time in their inboxes so make it a habit to keep your e-mails short yet snappy.

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