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Top 5 Characteristics of Strong Social Sellers

Top 5 Characteristics of Strong Social Sellers

Laura Madison

Social Selling has become a massively important aspect of the modern automotive sales process. Clients are actively checking dealership Facebook pages, asking friends across social platforms for opinions, and watching comparison videos. Capitalizing on this activity is paramount to success in today’s business, but what does the anatomy of a successful social seller look like? Take a look below to see how you can align yourself with the winning traits of a social seller.

1) They’re great listeners. 

Meaningful social connections are characterized by sharing information and content that is relevant to prospective buyers. The best social sellers post relevant content that will interest in engage clients, and they resist the temptation to only post what interests them. A top social user creates a masterpiece of a social presence by recognizing what might be most helpful to someone shopping for a car, and by sharing posts that will provide that prospective client with value.

2) They’re extremely proactive.

The strongest social sellers are, by nature, proactive. The very act of putting themselves out in the social realm requires a proactive mindset. The top social sellers don’t just create a Facebook page and expect that it will bring them deals—they actively use social media to connect, prospect, and increase visibility.

3) They’re knowledgeable. 

The most successful social sellers put in the time—they’ve studied their craft and know their product. When it comes to their business, they know their stuff. Successful social sellers know that activity on social platforms won’t convert unless they’re prepared. In an information age when so many shoppers are well educated on the vehicle they’re considering buying, top social sellers know that 89% of buyers on social media turn away if the professional doesn’t have the right insights or knowledge about their business.

4) They’re people people. The strongest social sellers know that people buy from people they know, like and trust. They know relationships are paramount to building a strong customer base that consistently provides repeat and referral opportunities and they use social media as a tool to connect and cultivate relationships.

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Top social sellers consider that social platforms are people-driven spaces. Instead of touting an upcoming sale or a low, incentivized lease payment, they keep personal relationships and human connection in mind with their social activity.

“If we come to this digital party with nothing to talk about but ourselves, our products, our features, and our benefits, our audiences won’t let us past the front door.” – ‘Recommend This’

5) They’re gritty. Grit is defined as perseverance and passion for long-term goals. Social sellers are gritty. They’re not afraid of playing the long game. The best social sellers know that converting business off social media isn’t short game; it’s not selling a car every time you post. They understand a social presence is built over time and although growth is exponential, it’s not always immediate. Ultimately, top social sellers put forth the effort because they understand that this is a place that buyers occupy and once an automotive consultant has an established a presence, an incredible sales increase will follow.

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